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Data Harvesting Opens the Door to More Ransomware Attacks

We all know about the much publicised 2014 Yahoo hack that saw 500 million accounts compromised, wiping $350 million off the value of the company. In fact, it wasn’t a good year for anyone with ...
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RUAG completes acquisition of cyber security company Clearswift

Bern (CH), Theale (UK); 23.01.2017. RUAG Defence has successfully completed the acquisition of the British Cyber Security specialist Clearswift. Clearswift announced in December 2016. This acquisition enables RUAG to enhance key aspects of its current product ...
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RUAG is aquiring Cyber Security specialist Clearswift

Bern (CH), Theale (UK); 20.12.2016. The RUAG Defence division is acquiring the British Cyber Security specialist Clearswift. With this acquisition, RUAG is making a significant investment in the expansion and long-term development of its cyber security ...
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GDPR: How to Prepare for a Borderless World of Data Privacy

One of the most influential business books of the early 21st century is Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. He argued that the world is a level playing field ...
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End of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware and morphed forms of embedded malware are creating havoc for IT security organizations. Weaponized invoices, resumes and other malicious documents are distributed through compelling social engineering campaigns to evade existing email security gateways and ...
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Document Sanitisation and Redaction

Document Sanitisation and Redaction Safety Net for the Forgetful User

Policies written. Tools provided. Training conducted.  As IT leaders, you have sufficiently enabled your users to properly sanitise and redact their documents before sharing outside the organisation, but what happens when they forget? Worse, what ...
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