Introducing Veritas SaaS Backup

Veritas SaaS Backup is a cloud-hosted, comprehensive, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution designed specifically to protect data in companies' growing SaaS portfolios ...
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Veritas SaaS Backup – A cloud-to-cloud backup solution with secure and automated data protection across SaaS-based workloads

Take charge of your data with a simple click In the digital era, organisations are being driven to adopt modern ...
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Learn how to pick the right Storage solution for your needs

Find out how to determine which storage is right for you with the webcast “Meeting Storage Demands for the Explosion ...
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Veritas and Pure Storage Team Up to Advance Data Management in the Era of Modern Intelligence

Veritas Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in enterprise data protection, in collaboration with Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the all-flash ...
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Veritas Enters New Government-wide Cloud Data Management Agreement for the U.S. General Services Administration

 Veritas Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in the enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market, has entered into a ...
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Veritas Launches Regional Vision Solution Days

Veritas Technologies, a worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market, unveiled its 2018 Vision Solution Days, a ...
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Keep critical information available, gain insights into enterprise data, and obtain visibility into what data has true value. Veritas will give organizations the ability to delete worthless data and recognize valuable information, enabling them to achieve objectives more quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.


Data is exploding at incredible rates and scattering across servers, clouds and hypervisors around the world. Unchecked data growth is an expensive burden—and potentially a security risk waiting to happen.

Veritas products enable organizations to understand their own information, to distinguish between what is extra important and what is just extra. Across systems, environments and devices, Veritas helps organizations achieve insight and realize exceptional application availability.


The Veritas approach relies on 3 unyielding beliefs:

  1. Data ≠ Information

Companies rightfully assume their information is valuable. However, the amount of value they can get out of it does not depend on how much of it they keep and store.

  1. More data ≠ More value

Organizations are accumulating vast stores of data simply because it’s easier to store it than to make sense of it. High value – or “target rich” – data exists within enterprise data stores but companies are struggling to determine what is valuable and what is not. In 2014, the majority of IT budgets were spent solely on maintaining existing infra­structure and half of enterprises kept their IT staff levels the same or decreased them.

  1. Information > Infrastructure

While many enterprises have traditionally invested in infrastructure to help manage their data center environments, increasingly, they are recognizing that additional infrastructure does not address the issue. Heterogeneity is a requirement. Hypervisors, storage media, legacy applications, operating systems and cloud platforms are all just means to an end.

Veritas products help 86% of the top Fortune 500 companies harness the power of information. With the ability to derive insights from data, to inform the right decisions, Veritas customers are agile, productive, and profitable.