Cloud Migration: A Cautionary Tale or A Competitive Advantage?

Moving to the cloud should be a strategic move, not just a leap in the dark.

While many organisations show a growing confidence in cloud services, business leaders and CIOs need to cautiously consider the complexities of cloud migration before signing up to an agreement. The benefits of cloud computing, such as performance, security, cost efficiency, scalability and the critical role connectivity plays in the delivery of cloud services all need to be subjected to a high level of scrutiny during the decision-making process. Consequently, a measured and information-centric approach must be taken in order to reap the benefits of cloud services and ensure a smooth transition.

SCC’s cloud services comprise a wide-ranging hosting capability and specific ‘as-a-service’ options, backed by SCC’s design, consulting, support, and services professionals.

Over dinner at Le Chardon d’Or, SCC aims to shed light on cloud migration and discuss the intricacies associated to this transformation that will bring competitiveness to your business. Please accept this invitation and join a group of likeminded individuals in sharing their thoughts and best practices on cloud migration.

Wednesday 28 September 2016 | Glasgow – 7pm

Brian Maule – Le Chardon d’Or
176 W Regent St | Glasgow G2 4RL
Dinner: 7pm | Dress code: Business Attire