Software-backupEvaluate Your Backup Options

New innovations in technology and process are bringing more advantages to data and information management.

Before you renew your existing backup software, there are 5 questions you need to ask. Knowing the answers will help you evaluate the current state of your backup solution and whether developments in data management software merit a change.

“The rising frustration with backup implies that the data protection approaches of the past may no longer suffice in meeting current, much less future, recovery requirements.”-Gartner

Pose the questions outlined in the whitepaper 5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Renew Your Existing Backup Software to the backup vendors you use or are considering. The answers may surprise you.

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The whitepaper shares how to select a backup solution that will:

  • Optimise your environment
  • Meet your technical and operational requirements
  • Adapt to future needs
  • Achieve management efficiency

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