New AMD Ryzen processors with PRO technologies check all the boxes of your next PC fleet.

Designed for Business.

AMD Ryzen™ processors provide the security features, supply, and longevity modern businesses need today Including:

  • Robust, multi-layered security features include a dedicated security processor and full memory encryption, exclusive to Ryzen PRO processors
  • Plentiful supply to ensure your production needs can be met reliably, with the right products for your market
  • Commitment to longevity with a minimum 18 month planned stability and feature consistency across all models
  • Flexible manageability options that are compatible with your current infrastructure, like DASH or vPro
  • The world’s most advanced processor manufacturing technology pushes efficiency to new levels and can reduce total cost of ownership
  • Unrivaled motherboard compatibility and stability with the long-life AM4 socket in service from 2016 to 2020, and beyond

Layered Defences with AMD Pro Security

  • SECURE ECOSYSTEM (OEM SECURITY FEATURES, WINDOWS 10 SECURITY) – Partnering with Microsoft and OEMs to deliver Modern IT Security Ready PCs
  • AMD MEMORY GUARD – Full memory encryption2 to help protect data against physical attacks should your PC be lost or stolen
  • AMD SECURE PROCESSOR – An isolated hardware within the processor which validates every code for integrity before it’s executed; a hardware root of trust
  • MODERN SECURITY ARCHITECTURE – AMD “Zen 2” Core architected with a focus on security features

Discover why AMD Ryzen™ processors are the fastest growing commercial processor brand.

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