Maximise Management Efficiency

Until now, it has been difficult to get a complete picture of an IT organisation’s storage capacity.  Array vendor tools only provide an array-side view of storage allocation without providing actual usage metrics from the hosts. APTARE® Capacity Manager provides end-to-end storage capacity reporting from the hosts to the storage array to give administrators greater visibility into the entire storage environment.
• Automated mapping shows the relationship between each host and LUN in the environment, highlighting how storage resources are being used
• Host utilisation shows the amount of storage capacity allocated and used by each host
• Array utilisation shows the amount of allocated and used storage on each storage array
• Application utilisation easily identifies the amount of storage used versus allocated and separated per application

Maximize Resources. Reduce Costs.

In the face of continuous storage growth and reduced IT budgets, storage administrators are tasked with increasing storage utilization with fewer resources. APTARE Capacity Manager helps maximize existing storage and reduce costs by delaying new storage purchases.
• Reduce capital expenditures on new storage by maximizing utilization of existing storage
• Manage resources more effectively without adding head count through automated, error-free collection, effective thresholds and alerting
• Increase storage efficiency with reclamation of improperly provisioned storage
• Identify over-provisioned storage or orphaned LUNs that can be reclaimed for other users

Precision Forecasting

APTARE Capacity Manager includes a predictive analysis engine that predicts future storage capacity needs based on current usage levels and growth metrics. This automated analysis allows organizations to achieve a level of forecast accuracy previously unattainable.
• See historical and current host storage usage as well as predictive growth
• View historical and current array capacity and predictive future growth
• See the historical and current storage consumption by any user defined group (business unit, department, application) and predictive future growth trends

Application Availability

Make sure that mission-critical applications always have the optimum amount of storage that they require. APTARE Capacity Manager provides application centric views that show critical capacity information for the most important applications.
• Proactive monitoring and alerting automatically notifies administrators if any application is approaching a dangerous threshold
• View application storage usage vs. allocation levels to gain a better understanding of each application’s true consumption levels


APTARE Capacity Manager provides the flexibility of creating different chargeback reports depending on real-time needs. Chargeback reports can be compiled by department, by geography or any other logical grouping.
• Chargeback by host maps the different storage tiers associated with each host to user-defined costs
• Storage tier chargeback provides reporting on all of the tiers of storage as well as the hosts, LUNs and total capacity associated with each tier
• Reduce the cost of creating and verifying billing reports

Storage Performance Analysis

APTARE Capacity Manager tracks the performance of subsystems and related hosts based on data collected from associated arrays and analyzes historical trends.
• Out-of-the-box reports show hourly data for granular analysis or weekly/monthly data for trend analysis
• Mission Control report summarises the health of critical arrays
• Detailed response time and throughput metrics includes Input/Output operations per second (IO/s) and megabytes per second transmitted (MB/s) for near-term analysis as well as summary data for long-term trending


APTARE Capacity Manager establishes a benchmark of storage usage and performance as well as the associated costs, so administrators can track trends and analyse the data for future planning.
• Maintain a unique performance profile for storage volumes and pools that share common physical characteristics and compare individual performance to the community’s performance
• Understand performance trends and take action—add resources or re-balance load—before bottlenecks occur

Maximize Storage Efficiency Technologies

APTARE IT Analytics provides insight into the impact of new deployments and technologies and assists in verifying that you are getting maximum effectiveness. This knowledge gives administrators the peace of mind that they can deploy and manage these technologies without worrying about a potential negative
impact on the data centre.
• Implement thin provisioning with confidence
• Identify over-subscriptions and arrays that are close to capacity
• Determine which arrays can be added to the virtualised storage pool and confirm all arrays are effectively utilised

APTARE IT Analytics Platform

APTARE Capacity Manager is fully integrated into the APTARE IT Analytics platform for comprehensive reporting and management of storage and data protection environments. APTARE IT Analytics provides an end-to-end view of the entire environment, enabling you to optimize data center performance, reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) and provide a broad view of capacity at the LUN level with the ability to drill down to view individual files.

For more information, please contact Rachel Snowdon, Veritas Partner Manager at [email protected]