GrowthCisco’s 2016 annual report has shown consistent growth within their software and services business. This has largely been accredited to the introduction of Cisco ONE. For those who haven’t come across or had time to digest Cisco ONE yet, it is a flexible way to buy software for a Data Centre, WAN, and Access domain. Instead of choosing from hundreds of separately priced software features, the customer purchases a single Cisco ONE Software suite.


Key differences between the existing  & the Cisco ONE models:

Current Model Cisco ONE Software
A La Carte, Separately Priced Items Software Suites Offered as a Solution
Licensing Tied to Hardware License Portability

Access to Ongoing Innovation

Perpetual for the Lifetime of the Box Perpetual, Subscription, and ELA Options


Why is Cisco ONE so popular?

  • Cisco ONE is a simple set of solutions;
  • It provides access to innovation to provide ongoing support into the future;
  • You benefit from license flexibility & portability saving costs on future upgrades.


When considering how to adapt and manage your IT Infrastructure, Cisco ONE could be the key to support your business now and for the foreseeable future. This short video gives a concise overview of business benefits:

If you want to learn more about Cisco ONE, there is a wealth of info on the Cisco website: OR, you can chat directly with a Cisco ONE specialists by contacting them via: