Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is powered by the industry’s #1 database (Oracle Database) and #1 cloud application server (Oracle WebLogic Server). Oracle engineers use this platform to build Oracle’s SaaS applications. By ...

Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Why is cloud so important? Data warehouses are currently going through two very significant transformations that have the potential to drive significant levels of business innovation. The first area of transformation is the drive to ...

Catch up on What Happened at the Oracle OpenWorld Showcase in San Francisco

The annual Oracle OpenWorld Showcase was held last week in San Francisco. Larry Ellison opened OpenWorld with a fanfare for integration Mark Hurd: “The cloud is a generational shift.” Armed with statistics and stories, Mark ...

Oracle Aims to Spread Cloud to the Masses

Original article by Jack Gilbert at Head of UK channel says he wants partners to bring Oracle's cloud offering to 'a much wider marketplace' Oracle is looking to take its partners into the "new world ...

The Most Advanced Platform for Security, Efficiency and Performance has Arrived!

Oracle’s SPARC M7 and SPARC M7-based system is more than chips and server chassis - it's a complete platform; hardware, software and developer tool; with unparalleled features, software-in-silicon capabilities include security, SQL and capacity features. Sparc M7 ...

Free Database Security Assessment

After a series of high profile data losses, Data Security is becoming an increasing issue in modern life. Our growing dependence upon digital data is proving an enticing target for criminals. This has led SCC ...

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Oracle is in a unique position in the IT market place, owning its own database technology and storage technology. 

Engineering teams from both disciplines have joined forces to create technologies designed to allow interoperability between layers in the tradition compute stack. 

Technologies such as;

OISP (Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol) will automatically and dynamically tune critical storage parameters to optimize database performance, accelerate provisioning, and reduce administration and provisioning time by more than 65 percent.

ADO (Automatic Data Optimization) which understands the usage of data using a Heat Map capability and stores data on the correct level of storage driven by policies to ensure that data is held in the most cost effective, but application efficient way. 

HCC (Hybrid Columnar Compression) giving up to 70x compression on datasets, creating huge savings in not only space but data movement performance.


SCC Highly Accredited UK Partner

Whether you are a large corporate, public sector organisation or small to medium enterprise, SCC help customers to understand, position and get the best value out of their Oracle Systems and Technology – rapidly, efficiently and professionally ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the rest if your environment.

SCC Credentials:

  • Oracle Platinum partner, specialised in Oracle Technology and Hardware
  • Oracle UK Server and Storage Specialised Partner of the Year 2013
  • Oracle EMEA Server and Storage Specialised Partner of the Year 2013
  • Providers to public sector through a number of procurement frameworks
  • Highest level of accreditation for complimentary software – Microsoft, Symantec, Novell, IBM, VMWare and many more.

Through winning the UK and EMEA Oracle Server and Storage Specialised Partner of the Year awards for 2013, SCC has become one of Oracle’s most accredited and respected UK partners – fully demonstrating their commitment to Oracle’s continued investment in Hardware and Software – Engineered to Work Together. This enables SCC to advise customers on the entire Oracle Red Stack from database consultancy & migration services through security, from hardware virtualisation and storage consolidation to secure hosting and disaster recovery services.

For further details contact our dedicated SCC Oracle team on [email protected] or call 0121 281 8646