• Advantages Of Oracle SPARC Servers Running Oracle Solaris Over Commodity Alternatives
  • Systems Consolidation for Dummies
  • Modernise Cloud Infrastructure With Oracle’s SPARC Servers

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Advantages Of Oracle SPARC Servers Running Oracle Solaris Over Commodity Alternatives

As enterprises accrue exponentially growing amounts of information, data center reliability and efficiency have become more important than ever. Trends toward higher system utilization (through virtualization) show no sign of slowing, making it imperative that ...
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Systems Consolidation for Dummies

Need to virtualize, but not sure where to start? Virtualization should make things simpler, not more complex. To learn more about how Oracle’s server virtualization solutions can help you eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and respond ...
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Modernise Cloud Infrastructure With Oracle’s SPARC Servers

Oracle’s SPARC server offering combines the latest technology in SPARC servers with a very low risk migration path that takes advantage of live migration technologies and Oracle consulting services to make it easy to modernize ...
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Accelerating Business Innovation With Oracle Servers, Storage, And Engineered Systems

Extreme Performance, Simplified Management, Lower Costs

Ten of the ten top global banks. Ten of the ten top global telecommunications companies. Ten of the ten top pharmaceutical companies. What do they all have in common? They all use Oracle hardware systems.

Businesses are transforming IT organizations by deploying Oracle software—and other applications— on Oracle hardware. They know that Oracle’s technology and comprehensive product portfolio deliver the easier management, reliability, and superior performance demanded by today’s business environments.

They also know that when Oracle Database and Oracle Applications run on Oracle hardware, availability goes up, costs come down, and people are more productive.

The Power of Integration in Oracle’s Engineered Systems

Oracle’s engineered systems are complete, preintegrated “in-a-box” solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure. By engineering hardware and software together, and then delivering the entire system ready to go, Oracle brings unprecedented performance, uptime, and productivity to IT—freeing up your staff to focus on more-strategic initiatives for the business.

Engineered For Extreme Performance at Lower Costs

Oracle offers engineered systems for a variety of workload requirements. Before they are shipped, Oracle’s engineered systems are integrated, tested, tuned, and certified. They are preassembled for targeted functionality, and individual components are optimized throughout the system. The result is a synergy that drives extreme performance.

And, with the cost of integrating, testing, and tuning coming out of Oracle’s R&D budget instead of yours, Oracle’s engineered systems provide outstanding value for your investment.

To produce the best solutions for their organizations, Oracle customers mix and match Oracle’s engineered systems and use them with both new and existing Oracle installations.

  • One Oracle customer replaced 70 servers with an Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata–based platform, eliminating the need for 10 to 12 servers annually and cutting costs in half.
  • To meet the backup and restore demands of Oracle’s engineered systems, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers InfiniBand connectivity and leverages RMAN best practices, resulting in customer backup rates as high as 26 TB per hour.

Engineered For Transforming It

The future of your IT organization, as well as the role IT plays in the business, is being shaped by choices you’re making now. Whether in the data center, in the cloud, or in a mixed deployment, your goal is to make IT a strategic asset to the business. The lower acquisition and operational costs associated with Oracle’s engineered systems provide advantages that transform the value that IT brings to your company.

For more information on how you can transform your infrastructure contact the SCC Oracle team; oracle@scc.com or 0121 281 8646.