Flexible and Secure Workspaces for the Modern Enterprise

Join webinar guest ESG analyst and industry expert Mark Bowker as he talks through top challenges faced by IT in enabling today’s workforce and the steps that your organization can take to begin delivering more ...

Top 5 Security Threats – What do they have in common? How can you avoid them?

Cybervillains have figured out how to monetize their malicious actions and they’re going after the opportunity with ferocity, targeting individuals and corporations alike. The future of ransomware alone is terrifying. Take a look at what ...

Why Divide and Conquer May Not Be the Best Provisioning Strategy

Top three reasons why splitting up provisioning among ITSM and IAM functions is not the right approach. A recent Markets & Markets study on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space points out one of ...

Free Your Workers, Secure Your Enterprise.

Open the doors for Mac, but seal them tight from vulnerabilities It feels like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to empower your workers to choose the device and applications ...

Companies Without People: How Digital Denial Undermines Business Success

A pernicious bit of denial is eroding the ability of many companies to compete in the Age of the Customer. That denial manifests in the mistaken belief that it’s technology—not people or culture—that is most ...

Doing business in the EU? Get ready for GDPR compliance with RES

It seems like every day brings another news story about a new security threat or data breach, so it isn’t surprising that we are seeing new and stricter regulations around data protection. Last week, the ...

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RES_Gray_LogoA predictable and well-managed user experience is essential to the digital workspace.

Work apps should be as effortless and secure to deploy, manage and use as consumer apps. And providing access to the right apps at the right times shouldn’t have to be a burden. We believe IT can align its goals with the business without sacrificing productivity. More efficiency, better security and reduced costs can co-exist with a great user experience.

That’s why we are champions for both the business and IT.

We reject the thought that business and IT must be at odds, or that more versatility means less security. RES empowers workers and creates IT heroes with a single platform.

We live our brand every day, and we seek every opportunity to ensure that our customers are a part of something special.